I'm an Autistic mother of neurodivergent teens. I write in my blog Aprender a Quererme - Autista cuestionando paradigmas (Learning to love myself, autistic person questioning paradigms) and am part of the the following autistic collectives writing in Spanish or translating articles: Mi Cerebro Atípico Traduciendo Autistas Autismo, Liberación y Orgullo I am Colombian, living in Colombia but have also lived in Argentina, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. I am probably one of the first persons writing in Spanish about autism from the perspective of the Neurodiversity Movement and as an Autistic person. I am an instructor at Rio Abierto where I can stim while dancing I used to be a software developer.

ABA and Neurotypical Bias

The bias towards ABA is so strong that it feels insurmountable to convince anyone, through logic, reason, and personal experiences, of the harms caused by regimented behaviorism.

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On ABA: Evidence-based Doesn’t Mean Good Therapy


– It is a term that in psychology is often used to designate a therapy as being of a different orientation than traditional psychotherapy, without necessarily having scientific studies that show its long-term benefits or the perception of well-being on the part of the client and the recipient of the therapy.

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