Science teacher, visual-toy programmer, infrequent creator of giant puppets. Likes to infodump about autism.
displays a female-presenting person wearing a fur hat and strange glasses and reads weird pride day is march 4th

March 4th is Weird Pride Day

Weird is not a word solely pointed at Autistic people, but most of us have had at word used as an insult. Weird Pride Day is March 4, and it is a declaration of acceptance and embracing of what is eccentric, different, or otherwise at odds with the status quo.

TV Review: Pablo

“It is a gentle formula for a show, and the primary audience is really pre-school children, but I have to say that as a 42-year-old autistic person with no kids, I find it compelling, entertaining, and validating.”

What’s the Motive, SpectrumNews.org?

On April 24, 2019, SpectrumNews.org aired an article that garnered a lot of scrutiny.  Since that date, it has remained pinned to the front page of the website like a proverbial line drawn in the sand…

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