The wires in my brain seem to be con­fig­ured by some elab­o­rate prac­tical joke.  There are either way too many or too few con­necting this input to the cor­re­sponding cortex, or they are just con­nected to the wrong places.  It’s

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My family has a thing for knives. It all started when my Aunt chased her sister down the street with a butcher’s knife, a nat­ural reac­tion to news­paper theft. Her third grade teacher sent her home with a news­paper with a bizarre med­ical story she

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There is some­thing within the chronic ill­ness com­mu­nity known as the “Spoon Theory.”  In this analogy, the spoons stand for the amount of energy a person living with a chronic ill­ness (such as Fibromyalgia or Lupus) pos­sesses in a day.

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