Black voices

ABA for Creating Masking Black Autistics

Cheyenne Thornton explores the common argument in behaviorism that ABA is appropriate for Black autistics because they need to be able to mask to avoid police violence.


Matthew Rushin explores personal identity and the self in relation to time, the body, and the soul.

Sia’s Music and “The Wrong People”

Autistic people have lived under decades of the weight of the wrong information from the wrong people. Cheyenne explores the systemic impact of manipulative “awareness organizations.”

Sia’s Film and the Deficit Model of Disability

Hours after Music was nominated for a Golden Globe, Sia apologized that she had been listening to the wrong people. Who are those wrong people, and who should be listened to instead?

Book Review: Being Autistic

Title: Being Autistic: Nine adults share their journeys from discovery to diagnosis Edited By: Caroline Hearst Notable Selection: The Ground Under My Feet Disclosure: I

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