autistic pride day

A bright infinity symbol in the evening orange sunset on a field.

What Autistic Pride Means to Me

Today is Autistic Pride Day. It is a day to celebrate and embrace who you are as an autistic person and to be yourself without

A woman of color stands resolute against a wall, her face proud, her eyes closed. Her shirt reads, "Fragile. Who?"

Why I Choose Autistic Pride

Growing up, I was acutely aware that I did not belong. The proverbial elephant in the room, my identity was carved out of all the

Poetry: Unmasking As Autistic Pride

in the world we live in,we are told the following thingsoverand overand overagain: “get up.” “try harder.” “use your words.” “speak louder.” “stop whining.” “you’re

10 Reasons We Need Autistic Pride

NeuroDivergent Rebel Christa Holmans writes about Autistic Pride Day is about more than just pride. It’s about being proud in spite of all the messaging

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