Osime Brown

Free Osime Brown

Osime Brown is 21, autistic, and Black. As a teen, he was pulled from his loving home and placed into foster care. One day, when older boys from his group home stole a cell phone, he tried to stop them. He was given a five-year prison sentence for theft.

In prison, he has been severely mistreated, bullied, and abused.

Now, the UK government wants to deport him to Jamaica where he knows no one or nothing.


Autistic and dyslexic. Imprisoned so young, he’s not been able to learn how to navigate the world.

health at risk

Prison isn’t equipped to meet his medical needs. He has congenital heart disease, severe PTSD, and a history of loss of consciousness.

how can you help?

  1. Share about his case
  2. Sign the petition
  3. Contribute to his legal defense fund
  4. Write your MPs (template here)

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