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Printer paper with heart drawn on it in black ink, filled in.

Self-Love and Autistic Survival

…autistic selves, a tax that has no monetary or tangible value to non-autistic people. A tax they do not witness. The Autism Tax We pay for not masking with neurotypical…

Why I’m Not a High-Functioning Autistic

…is also called Autistic masking: replicating expected social norms as performed by those around you in a desperate attempt to be normal. Autistic girls and women tend to be especially…

Man holding a hashtag sign to signify that he is a neurolurker or undiagnosed or questioning autistic person

Are you a #NeuroLurker?

…Autistic Masking Part 1 and Part 2 – The ways in which masking can successfully hide autistic traits, but the consequences are exhausting, devastating, not sustainable, and potentially even fatal….

Sia’s Music and “The Wrong People”

…always sensed that there was something wrong or questionable going on with how these organizations and facilities operated, and in a way, subconsciously masking my autistic traits even more was…

10 Signs I Was Transgender But Didn’t Know It

…all lesbian/bi femme and many are transgender. That has been my safe space on Twitter; I obviously see myself in those people. 10) Unmasking has revealed my natural feminine behaviors….

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