It was hard to come out as an aspie (a person with Asperger’s syn­drome). I started with some people I thought would be the most safe, but I read that sit­u­a­tion poorly. It’s a strong suit, really, almost like a super­power. I can mis­judge a social sit­u­a­tion

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For someone on the spec­trum, nav­i­gating rela­tion­ships with neu­rotyp­ical (non-autistic) people is the social equiv­a­lent of assem­bling an Ikea shelf with missing parts and direc­tions that are out of order, mirror-image, and written in a dif­ferent lan­guage.

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They’re out there, in the brush­strokes of the orig­inal, museum-quality painting hanging in your favorite hole-in-the-wall pub, or the Louvre, or the kalei­do­scopic mural painted on the shut­tered, col­or­less foundry.

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blowfly-2151453_640Whenever you watch an old movie or sitcom, you likely cringe at what was socially accept­able for the era—racist jokes, misog­y­nistic epi­thets, bla­tant xeno­phobia… and you should cringe. For most people, it’s entirely obvious how offen­sive and dehu­man­izing it would

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