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sex while autistic image shows a sexual position with a woman hovering over a man who is shirtless. sex sexual sexy autism on the spectrum

Autism and Masking During Sex

…sex. I guess that would be me. Editor’s content notice: this article covers uncomfortable topics related to intimacy, masking, sex, coercion, sensory processing disorder, and difficulty communicating boundaries. If I’m…

A letter to Authority

…abuse us until we submit to masking. So the intention behind masking and mirroring is very much for social survival under your power. Furthermore, not all of us can mask….

Image features a Black man smiling and pointing to text which reads , "Free printable PDF Downloads of NeuroClastic Slideshows, Infographics, & NeuroInclusive Stories"


…Awareness Does Not Prevent Autistic Masking. Autistic Acceptance Does. On Autistic Masking Growing up #Autistic, maybe especially for those not diagnosed or self-identified until adulthood, is a life of constantly…

Autism & Movie Talk

…to fit in. Movie scripts There are real consequences to camouflaging, including losing your sense of identity, which is described in the post below. Masking: is it good or bad?…

Autism & the flitting phenomenon

…people to create friendships. I am good at flitting but lack the desire for longer-term relationships where I feel like I have to mask. And in my experience, the masking

A Man Unmasked

…mannerisms.  This survival mechanism is known most commonly as masking, though some call it passing, armoring, or camouflaging. One of the most difficult aspects of masking is the suppression of…

A woman wearing a masquerade mask

This Little Mask-Erade Is Over

…we learn to be less, well, us. It’s a term referred to as masking. Autistic masking is a phenomena that begins very young in an autistic person’s life, with studies…

Removing the Mask in Lockdown

…strategy has come at an enormous cost to my health and wellbeing as the amount of sheer energy that my masking needed resulted in my self-care being neglected. I have…

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