The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

Autism neurodiversity

Coming Out to Family and Friends as Autistic

In this article, Jude Clee takes a brief look at the difficulties that autistic people face when opening up about being autistic and shares some of her experiences.

Fresh Starts: After the meltdown

Nonspeaker Trevor on the aftermath of an autistic meltdown: “The moment my consciousness begins to return from wherever it fled during my meltdown, I am horrified with what transpired.

On helping children to not feel responsible for other people’s emotions

Being unpredictable, inconsistent, and uncommunicative can cause a child a lifetime of writing about managing the unpredictable emotions of everyone around them. Here’s how to avoid that for children in your charge.

The Coveted Driver’s License. On Driving (or not) While Autistic

Driving can be an overwhelming and terrifying experience, especially when you’re autistic. So why is it expected of everyone?