The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

Autism neurodiversity
Autism neurodiversity

Infighting in the Autistic Community: a case for unity.

Russell James takes a hard look at the fighting with in the autistic community, calling for a truce and solidarity between people who have the same goals.

My experience of restraint in a psychiatric hospital: This is not a love story

David Gray-Hammond discusses his experience of being subjected to chemical restraint while an involuntary inpatient at a psychiatric hospital in the UK.

Coming Out to Family and Friends as Autistic

In this article, Jude Clee takes a brief look at the difficulties that autistic people face when opening up about being autistic and shares some of her experiences.

Fresh Starts: After the meltdown

Nonspeaker Trevor on the aftermath of an autistic meltdown: "The moment my consciousness begins to return from wherever it fled during my meltdown, I am horrified with what transpired.

On helping children to not feel responsible for other people’s emotions

Being unpredictable, inconsistent, and uncommunicative can cause a child a lifetime of writing about managing the unpredictable emotions of everyone around them. Here’s how to avoid that for children in your charge.