The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

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image features breonna taylor, champ turner, and philando castile

Wrongful Conviction Day: Justice for Philando and Breonna is Justice for Champ Turner

October 2 is International Wrongful Conviction Day. To demand justice for Philando Castile and Breonna Taylor, we can start with freeing Champ Turner.

Protests continue to call on the Home Office to stop the deportation of Osime Brown #FreeOsimeBrown

Following on from the protest earlier in September, protesters once again gathered outside of the Home Office, London, UK, to demand that the pending deportation of Osime Brown be halted.

This Autism Training in Utah Explains Why Police Shot Linden Cameron for Having a Meltdown in his Own Home

Horrifying video of optional Utah training sheds light on why police thought it was an appropriate response to shoot a 13 year old autistic fort having a meltdown in his own home.

Barbed wire at the top of a cement fence

Worse than prison: an immigration detention centre could kill Osime Brown

The notion of Osime being detained in an immigration detention centre is unthinkable. And yet, this seems to be the plan when he is released from prison on 7th October.