The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

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Autism Speaks and ABA: Same Harmful Methods, Different Coat of Paint

Autism Speaks rebranded as “new,” and a part of their new campaign rollout is teaching parents to use ABA principles on their children. What could go wrong with programming an impressionable child to comply for candy?

Spectrum Magazine Missed the Point I Wanted to Express about ABA: Here’s what I said

I was interviewed by Spectrum News about ABA. What I said in interviews is not the message I was hoping would be printed. Here’s what I actually said.

An Unwanted Hill to Climb: The Challenges Autistic Adults Face in Social and Occupational Settings

Autistic people are often cited as the reason autistics are unemployed or underemployed. This could not be further from the truth.

White person in suit at work looking at robot touching them while holding a ruler.

$5 Million Grant Awarded to Make Autistic People Mask in Job Interviews

They mention creating a “coaching process” using artificial intelligence, as if autistic people haven’t been “coached” enough into neurotypicality. Unfortunately, our entire lives are made up of neurotypical “coaching.” We often in fact, receive too much coaching in how to act or generally exist among other people.

Breaking News: Movement in Osime Brown’s Case

Our voices have been heard, and there has been progress! This hopeful battle won is a fresh wind in the sails as we enter the home stretch of the fight to stop the deportation of Osime Brown.