The persistent repetition of a thought to gain clarity or understanding that can last for anywhere from seconds to weeks or even years.

For example, this could be the replaying over and over in the mind of a situation or event long after it has happened.

It also could be as simple as the regular replaying of another person’s question or statement in the mind before answering.

It is not uncommon to hear people with an Autism Spectrum Neurology repeat a question or statement back to the speaker (echolalia). However, often this is done silently (echologia). Children often do the former until they get asked not to, but continue to do the latter.

For example, an Autistic person may be asked “What time is it?” and then repeat out loud “What time is it?” before answering. But they may also repeat the question silently, “What time is it?”.

Note, like any trait, a non-Autistic can also display echologia. However, it is the sum of the parts – traits – that defines the presence of Autism.

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