The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

Autism neurodiversity
A boy leans against a hall in school, looking sad and alone. To represent autism asperger's autistic on the spectrum in the classroom and school environment. It goes with the poem poetry in this story.

Video: A poem performed through the eyes of an autistic child.

Watch this brilliant poetry performance from autistic poet Pete Black about the experience of an autistic student and the less-than-obvious ways children on the autism spectrum are left out or under-supported.

I Dream of Plane Crashes

Gee’s aunt was killed in a plane crash, and years later, she is still getting to know her aunt and how very much they had in common as she learns to embrace herself as trans and autistic.

Comic Book Hero: How This #AutisticSurvivor Escaped Bullying, Abuse, Molestation

How did autistic and other neurodivergent kids survive the Dark Ages before IEPs, 504 plans, targeted therapy, noise-canceling headphones?

Here’s some brutal autistic truth-telling for you…