The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

The Autism Spectrum
According to Autistic People


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It’s the Most Alienating Time of the Year

…the holiday season where “everyone” tells you you’re fine and your kids are fine and EVERYTHING is fine – when they wouldn’t know fine if it bit them in the jingle bells. . . and because you are who and how you are, you know they are lying.

I Don’t Regret You

“I was wondering . . . if I have kids, will they be autistic?”

Image has colored pictures with talk bubbles against a black background to demonstrate the contrast between written and verbal communication for autistic people with autism

Verbal and Written Communication: The Disconnect

One autistic mother finds language communication her strong suit, but only when it is written. Verbal communication is difficult for her and her son with apraxia of speech.

The Evil Twin

I want to start this by saying that I love being a twin. Unless you are a twin yourself, then it is almost impossible for

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