When as many as three out of every four autistic and learning-disabled adult in the UK has experienced a hate crime, it's a luxury that humanity cannot afford to overlook the devastating impact of institutional ignorance and abuse regarding one of society's most targeted and misunderstood populations.

No one is talking about autism and addiction, so recovering addict and autistic self-advocate David Gray-Hammond is leading the charge and starting the conversation.

Those who live with and love autistic people can be among our greatest allies, but it’s been the mis­for­tune of the #ActuallyAutistic com­mu­nity that many par­ents, care­givers, and ther­a­pists have his­tor­i­cally advo­cated over (rather than with) us. As autistic chil­dren
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In the world of autism advo­cacy, it is rarely the autistic voices which are pio­neered in the main­stream.  Neurotypical advo­cates use their voice and their priv­i­lege to speak on behalf of, or in place of, the autistic com­mu­nity. 

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