Two autistic voices have risen to prominence in the mainstream media: Greta Thunberg, teen climate change activist, and Kodi Lee, the blind autistic musician and singer who recently won the popular show, America's Got Talent. Both of these autistic young people are amazing, but this article isn't about them or their achievements.  This article is about the reaction from the general public and my autistic perspective about those reactions. I want to talk about how social biases regarding autistic people are wrong and why.  There's a lot of disconnect between the language of the autistic community (autistic people), the autism community (family members of autistics and professionals who work with autistics), and the mainstream (people with no significant connection to autism).

Few words in behav­ioral sci­ence come with more con­tro­versy and con­tention than Asperger’s.

This series focuses on the word, Asperger’s, and the many antag­o­nists to the word, the diag­nosis, and/or the autistic people who would have pre­vi­ously been

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blowfly-2151453_640Whenever you watch an old movie or sitcom, you likely cringe at what was socially accept­able for the era—racist jokes, misog­y­nistic epi­thets, bla­tant xeno­phobia… and you should cringe. For most people, it’s entirely obvious how offen­sive and dehu­man­izing it would
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