A Letter to Pro-Cure Autistic People

3D Cartoon drawing of a neuron and a miniature doctor walking on the axon like a tightrope.

I promise that I will always try to approach the idea of a cure or treatment with compassion in mind. If someone feels they need to be cured, it’s logical to reason that they are hurting. I will try to keep this in mind to avoid minimizing any harm.

Why is there not a cure for autism?

latex gloved hands hold petri dish with a cure for autism symbolized as its contents, or perhaps genetic therapy gene therapy

Not for lack of effort and billions of dollars spent, scientists have still not found a cure for autism. From one genetics student, an exploration of why.

Meet The Autism Parents

Meet The Autism Parents

The rift between autistic advocates and parents of autistics can be contentious. A look at this divide and why it persists with an accompanying video.

Dear New York Times: ABA is not a therapy

The New York Times dropped all journalistic standards to publish a commercial for Applied Behavior Analysis without critical review of the facts– like that it’s not a therapy, it doesn’t work, and it’s abusive to autistic people.

Autism Speaks : The Time Is Now To Help Clean Up Your Mess

Autism Speaks, help clean up your mess! The time is now to demand that Autism Speaks show repentance and pay reparations for the outbreaks and deaths from formerly-eradicated diseases such as measles, pertussis, mumps, and polio.

“My Autism” is Bigger than a Cure

With poetic prose, Black Igwe’s first piece with The Aspergian examines the interplay between “being autistic” in a world that regards you as “having autism.”

The Cure for Autism

It took an autistic mind to discover the cure for autism. Discover how we can tackle what is a global social crisis.