The Double Standard: On Growing Up Autistic

Conversion therapy, aspie supremacy, and diagnosis denial before age ten, and then came the shame and masking. Eventually, there was enlightenment, acceptance, activism, and pride.

Meet The Autism Parents

Meet The Autism Parents

The rift between autistic advocates and parents of autistics can be contentious. A look at this divide and why it persists with an accompanying video.

Team spirit

Those who are different are excluded, bullied or at best dragged down from above as mascots. An ideal team in reality seems to consist only of “Leonardos,” people pretending to be Leonardo, people imitating Leonardo, and people obeying Leonardo…

Label Jars, Not People

Three clear honey jars of different shades from light to dark.

For most of his life, until he started typing, E was identified as a “low-functioning autistic.” These are his thoughts on function labels.

Why I’m Not a High-Functioning Autistic

“We have now arrived at the ultimate falsehood of high-functioning autism: what this label really means is that you have high outside functioning.  I am excellent at pretending to be someone I am not.”