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Neurodivergent Guests

Are you looking for autistic consultants to guide neurodiversity initiatives at work?

Do you need neurodivergent people to moderate or participate in your feedback panel?

Are you searching for autistic people to lead a workshop or training for your school system?

NeuroClastic has the network to find the right participants or professionals for your unique audience needs or life circumstances.

We can connect you with intersectional populations within the Autistic community to connect you with diverse, intersectional perspectives. Not only are we positioned to be able to provide you with the representation you need, but we can provide insight into how to be a sensitive and accommodating host to the people you want to share your platform. 

To determine if NeuroClastic is able to satisfy your need for representation, participation, or consultation, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page and a representative from our leadership team will be in contact.

Services include, but are not limited to:

Commission a presenter for trainings, such as:

  • Neurodiversity in the workforce
  • Positive Autistic self-identity
  • Sensory processing
  • Autism in adulthood
  • Transition supports for autistic adults
  • Accommodating neurodivergent employees
  • Supporting Nonspeaking learners
  • Working with Autistic clients as a therapy provider

Commission your a specific contributor or have NeuroClastic match you with a content writer specialized or experienced in the subject matter you need. Commissions can be for your own website or social media, or to be published on NeuroClastic.

NeuroClastic has a vast range of professional connections and networks to identify expert witnesses for court cases. Please contact us to explore your options further.

NeuroClastic contributors occupy many intersections of Autistic identity. Our contributors occupy six continents and range in age from teen to seniors. Diversity in representation is extremely important, and we can connect you with individuals who are able to speak (or communicate via AAC) as a representative of their own-voice identity.

We empower event hosts to ensure that their events include Autistic people of Color, LGBTQ+, nonspeaking, or otherwise under-represented but critical voices in Autistic narratives. 

We can assess your events objectives and help you find the right presenters for an engaging and thoughtful event.

Whether you need a one-time consult on making an event accessible or ongoing support to design and manage a hiring initiative to support neurodivergent employees, NeuroClastic has consultants representing a variety of philosophical and academic disciplines and a network with other consultant organizations. Contact us to see if we are able to meet your organizational needs.

Are you doing a teleconference, seminar, training initiative, or hosting a think tank and need divergent representation? Do you want to challenge your audience to understand outside of the common perception or to think in novel ways? Do you value own-voice representation?

If so, NeuroClastic can help you find the perfect participants to be able to provide the challenge and perception you need to drive your initiatives to be more productive, insightful, and impactful.

Whether you’re writing a novel with an Autistic protagonist, conducting academic research with Autistic subjects, writing a screenplay, hosting a blog, delivering a lecture, or writing legislation, it is important to ensure you are using the best language to represent the consensus of the Autistic community.

Our sensitivity readers can ensure that beyond just using the right words, your thesis is framed in a way that avoids unintentional harm or reflects unintended, internalized biases.

Neglecting to consult the community you intend to represent and support can result in the embarrassing invalidation of your intentions and work because of poorly worded or framed arguments. Our sensitivity readers can help to analyze your content and ensure that the impact aligns with your intentions and the work you invest hits the mark of serving the community.

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