The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

Autism neurodiversity
Autism neurodiversity

The Problem with ABA

I have released a video exposing some of the history as well as modern iterations of ABA. Many may say “that’s not how ABA is anymore,” but the video reveals that it is a problematic therapy even today.

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  1. Every person is unique and can benefit from different kinds therapy. My 18 year old son is autistic, non-verbal and has very limited receptive language. He cannot write a blog, respond to an article, become an ‘activist’ or even say or write the word “Dad”. ABA has worked for him. He can now put on his socks and shoes before getting on the bus before school. He can dress himself with limited prompting. He can decide if he wants orange juice, apple juice or water from a list of choices. All thanks to ABA.

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