Poetry: Forayer1 min read

That’s me—

One single meek marauder—

Just a

Homeward-bound scav­enger

Wandering over wrecked pas­tures,

Scrambling up sodden moun­tains,

Foraging in broken fields,

Biding my time in the bar­rens,

Sunburned under ample skies.

Always finding


More or less.

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  1. You acom­plish a lot with very little here, I like the sense of inti­macy and iso­la­tion you build. It’s playful and I relate to the feeling of wan­dering and wish I could do it more myself.

    1. Author

      Thank you. I believe I’ve finally found an apt audi­ence for some of my poetry and writing here at the Aspergian.

  2. I love your poem. It’s kind of my dream place. Calming, inter­esting, and soli­tary. Where I want to be. Thanks

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