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Obtaining a diag­nosis is dif­fi­cult for adults.  Often, diag­nos­ti­cians only work with chil­dren, or they have a dated and incom­plete notion of how autism looks in adults– a fact that is espe­cially true for women.

This list has been com­piled from a variety of sources and has only been par­tially vetted.  Many of the names on this list were sub­mitted by adults from var­ious social media and  infor­ma­tion has been added on good faith. 

If you have been diag­nosed and do not see your provider on this list, we would appre­ciate if you would share that infor­ma­tion so that others in your area can find quality prac­ti­tioners.  Please leave a com­ment or email with the diag­nos­ti­cian’s name, loca­tion, and any con­tact infor­ma­tion you have.

If you’ve had a pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive inter­ac­tion with any of the providers on this list, please let us know at the email address above so we can note that infor­ma­tion on the list.
Names in red bold print have been ver­i­fied by The Aspergian as reli­able.


Here’s a good place to start, it includes a list of diag­nos­ti­cians * How Do I Get a Diagnosis?

New South Wales




British Columbia:




New Zealand

United Kingdom



The United States of America



Search these SoCal list­ings from Autism Learning Partners


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  • New Haven:
    • Dr. Richard Rubin (psy­chi­a­trist who spe­cial­izes in autism and cooc­cur­ring mental ill­ness)
  • Norwalk:
    • Dr. Marcia Eckerd (clin­ical psy­chol­o­gist spe­cial­izing in neu­ro­di­ver­sity and Asperger’s; excel­lent grasp on female pre­sen­ta­tion)
      91 East Ave 3rd floor, Norwalk, CT, 06851
      (203) 299‑1331
  • Rocky Hill:



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  • Columbus:
    • Bradley Estes, PsyD, Estes Neuropsychology
      & Kristen Hurley, PsyD
      2675 Fox Pointe Dr, Suite A
      ​Columbus IN 47203–3391
      (812) 376‑0900






  • Ann Arbor:
  • Grand Rapids:
  • Troy:
    • Dr. Leslie Green, Psychologist, 755 W Big Beaver Rd (suite 414) TroyMI 48084–4900





New Jersey:

  • Morristown:

New York:

Try searching these New York Listings from Autism Learning Partners

North Carolina:

  • TEACCH–mul­tiple loca­tions in NC. From the University of North Carolina




Rhode Island:


  • Memphis:
    • Dr. Neelam Jain, River City Neurology
      1661 International Place Dr, Suite 400
      Memphis, TN 38120
      (901) 245‑5915







  • Laramie:
    • Snowy Range Consulting

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  1. Dr. Kemp at Turning Leaf Counseling in Wynne Arkansas diag­nosed me with ASD as an adult.

    1. Thank you, Chase <3

  2. Dr. Andrew Elgort in Charlottesville, Virginia diag­nosed me as an adult, and I would highly rec­om­mend him. His web­site is

  3. I was diag­nosed early last year by Dr. Gregory Skinner MD, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His under­standing is unique as he is autistic as well. His assess­ments are cov­ered under Alberta Health, so the only costs are for missed appoint­ments at $100. There may be other costs per­taining to paper­work you want from him, but I have no infor­ma­tion on that (larger, more detailed reports, appli­ca­tions for dis­ability) — I received two copies of signed diag­nosis let­ters from him at no addi­tional cost to me. You sign up and first attend an evening group infor­ma­tion ses­sion — you have to watch to see when these are offered, they are not offered on a con­stant basis. At that point you can make an appoint­ment to start one on one ses­sions for assess­ment. I filled out a lot of paper­work chron­i­cling infor­ma­tion about myself in advance of the assess­ment ses­sions — he pro­vided the tem­plates for this. This is his web­site: There were aspects to the web­site I found hard to nav­i­gate (and he is cur­rently changing to a tele­phone booking system rather than online), but I found the whole expe­ri­ence worth it. I pur­sued diag­nosis for myself after my sons were diag­nosed four months ear­lier at the ages of 8 and 10. I was 48. Pursuing diag­nosis for my chil­dren has been much easier than pur­suing diag­nosis for myself — assess­ment is rarely cov­ered for adults, but it is with Dr. Skinner. I found the expe­ri­ence very pos­i­tive, infor­ma­tive and affirming.

  4. I’m in Vermont and I’ve been unable to locate a single person willing to eval­uate me. I’ve been on a ton of phone calls seeking diag­nosis, and I’m usu­ally told they don’t know how to diag­nose adults, one lit­er­ally said all the info psy­chol­o­gists have is for kids and he wouldn’t even know how to start with someone my age. The people I’ve talked to are dumb­founded, and then they refer me to another person or facility, “I might have more luck with”, and It’s a never ending cycle.

    Honestly it’s emo­tion­ally exhausting gath­ering the strength to keep making these calls. I have to get ready to explain why I’m seeking help, brace myself for dumb ques­tions, and have enough hope to moti­vate me without having my heart broken when I don’t make progress. Thank you for cre­ating this list. My state isn’t on it yet, (go figure), maybe that will change, but if this list helps a few people not feel help­less like I often do when looking for diag­nosis, it’s an amazing resource.

  5. If you’re in the Philadelphia, PA USA are both doc­tors listed (Dr. Brodken & Dr. Naseef) I’ve per­son­ally worked with and are won­derful!

  6. Dr. Russell Griffiths, LEP in Mission Viejo, CA, USA (949) 525‑0686

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