The Autism Spectrum According to Autistic People

Autism neurodiversity
Autism neurodiversity

Directory of Specialists Diagnosing Autism (ASD) in Adults

Obtaining a diagnosis is difficult for adults.  Often, diagnosticians only work with children, or they have a dated and incomplete notion of how autism looks in adults– a fact that is especially true for women.

This list has been compiled from a variety of sources and has only been partially vetted.  Many of the names on this list were submitted by adults from various social media and  information has been added on good faith. 

If you have been diagnosed and do not see your provider on this list, we would appreciate if you would share that information so that others in your area can find quality practitioners.  Please leave a comment or email contact@theaspergian.com with the diagnostician’s name, location, and any contact information you have.

If you’ve had a positive or negative interaction with any of the providers on this list, please let us know at the email address above so we can note that information on the list.
Names in red bold print have been verified by The Aspergian as reliable.


Here’s a good place to start, it includes a list of diagnosticians
AutismSA.org * How Do I Get a Diagnosis?

New South Wales




British Columbia:




New Zealand

United Kingdom



The United States of America



Search these SoCal listings from Autism Learning Partners


Search these Colorado listings from Autism Learning Partners


  • New Haven:
    • Dr. Richard Rubin (psychiatrist who specializes in autism and cooccurring mental illness)
  • Norwalk:
    • Dr. Marcia Eckerd (clinical psychologist specializing in neurodiversity and Asperger’s; excellent grasp on female presentation)
      91 East Ave 3rd floor, Norwalk, CT, 06851
      (203) 299-1331
  • Rocky Hill:



Search these Chicago listings from Autism Learning Partners


  • Columbus:
    • Bradley Estes, PsyD, Estes Neuropsychology
      & Kristen Hurley, PsyD
      2675 Fox Pointe Dr, Suite A
      ​Columbus IN 47203-3391
      (812) 376-0900






  • Ann Arbor:
  • Grand Rapids:
  • Troy:
    • Dr. Leslie Green, Psychologist, 755 W Big Beaver Rd (suite 414) TroyMI 48084-4900





New Jersey:

  • Morristown:

New York:

Try searching these New York Listings from Autism Learning Partners

North Carolina:

  • TEACCH–multiple locations in NC. From the University of North Carolina




Rhode Island:


  • Memphis:
    • Dr. Neelam Jain, River City Neurology
      1661 International Place Dr, Suite 400
      Memphis, TN 38120
      (901) 245-5915







  • Laramie:
    • Snowy Range Consulting

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12 Responses

  1. Dr. Kemp at Turning Leaf Counseling in Wynne Arkansas diagnosed me with ASD as an adult.

  2. I was diagnosed early last year by Dr. Gregory Skinner MD, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His understanding is unique as he is autistic as well. His assessments are covered under Alberta Health, so the only costs are for missed appointments at $100. There may be other costs pertaining to paperwork you want from him, but I have no information on that (larger, more detailed reports, applications for disability) – I received two copies of signed diagnosis letters from him at no additional cost to me. You sign up and first attend an evening group information session – you have to watch to see when these are offered, they are not offered on a constant basis. At that point you can make an appointment to start one on one sessions for assessment. I filled out a lot of paperwork chronicling information about myself in advance of the assessment sessions – he provided the templates for this. This is his website: https://www.docmein.com/app/page/151244064134931950 There were aspects to the website I found hard to navigate (and he is currently changing to a telephone booking system rather than online), but I found the whole experience worth it. I pursued diagnosis for myself after my sons were diagnosed four months earlier at the ages of 8 and 10. I was 48. Pursuing diagnosis for my children has been much easier than pursuing diagnosis for myself – assessment is rarely covered for adults, but it is with Dr. Skinner. I found the experience very positive, informative and affirming.

  3. I’m in Vermont and I’ve been unable to locate a single person willing to evaluate me. I’ve been on a ton of phone calls seeking diagnosis, and I’m usually told they don’t know how to diagnose adults, one literally said all the info psychologists have is for kids and he wouldn’t even know how to start with someone my age. The people I’ve talked to are dumbfounded, and then they refer me to another person or facility, “I might have more luck with”, and It’s a never ending cycle.

    Honestly it’s emotionally exhausting gathering the strength to keep making these calls. I have to get ready to explain why I’m seeking help, brace myself for dumb questions, and have enough hope to motivate me without having my heart broken when I don’t make progress. Thank you for creating this list. My state isn’t on it yet, (go figure), maybe that will change, but if this list helps a few people not feel helpless like I often do when looking for diagnosis, it’s an amazing resource.

    1. I’m in EXACTLY your same position! It’s been an epic, heart wrenching, impossible feeling, and mission, that’s been going on for me for a couple years now. I DID finally find one wonderful woman!! Yay! I had my pre-eval with her (showed autism, no surprise there). Then when we went to make the next, and final, appt, we found out she did not actually take my insurance. CRUSHED. It’s been over a year now with zero success. I just realized a few nights back that even as a single mama without the resources, I am going to find a way to scrape together the (usual) $2,500 fee in cash. Just to get the final diagnosis completed, and paperwork in hand. So I can finally, finally receive the services I so desperately need. I’m telling you…. this state. Vermont. And don’t even get me started on my young daughter who masks at school 95% of the time, but is a total mess at home. I’ve had ZERO luck with her as well. The one “traditional” route I’ve tried so far wasn’t up on current female autism diagnostic criteria at all. Even poo-pooed away scientific research articles, AND terms Included included in the DSM-5. Lord help us! Lol Even writing to VT autism organizations has gotten me nowhere. I get absolutely no response back from them. Okaayyy, thanks. But, like you, I did the “circle” – called one, told to call the next, until I ended up at the beginning of the short list again. Frustrating! But at least those professionals were kind and understanding. I just wish they were in a place to assist my daughter and I. I’m from CT, recently moved to VT. Wish all the time I was back in Southern NE. Hope you had luck since posting here, Sister! I’m sure you and I are not alone in this situation in Vermont. Sad – so behind the times here!

    2. Same here in Ga. Those that I’ve seen automatically think I’m being manipulative because I start ticking my “symptoms or behavior” off, but I’m just trying to be upfront and honest. It’s extremely frustrating and the depression from being knocked down over and over again.

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