Sensory Survival: Living with hypersensitivity, overwhelm, & meltdowns

For those who don’t much about it, I’d like to explain to you sensory hypersensitivity, sensory overwhelm, and meltdowns from a first-person perspective. Our sensory sensitivities wield a great deal of power as they can push us to overwhelm and meltdown as well as bring us an abundance of joy; on the other hand, there […]

Poetry: Diagnosis– my letter to the world who did not write to me

I My mother pushed and screamed. I splashed into the wild rumpus already begun, the party of songs and a girl who cannot sing. I started climbing, searching, finding everything I would not need. Fervent groping lips in darkness. I wear words like a skirt that twirls, dancing in moonshine, drenched in the downpour of […]

Self-Love and Autistic Survival

Printer paper with heart drawn on it in black ink, filled in.

Self-love is radical, especially if society constantly dislikes how you exist, wants to change the way you exist, and even uses your neurotype to promote fear of science. It is hard to love yourself when other people are much less likely to accept you. It is hard to love yourself when people openly tell you […]

Ten Things We Love about Being Autistic

I would like to thank my friends at the Aspergian for helping me compose this list! They’re the best! Autism is hard. It can be tiring, terrifying, infuriating, painful, and overwhelming—all at the same time. Yet, in so many ways Autism defines me, and I’m proud of who I am. Here are ten things to […]

The Painfully High Price of Autistic Masking – Part 2

This is part 2 of a series on the cost of autistic masking.  Click here to read part 1. After my autism diagnosis, I started living life with open eyes…or, at least I thought that’s what I was doing. I began socializing more and spending time with friends and family that I hadn’t spent time […]