Poem: Anomaly1 min read

You are an anomaly;
A nebula, the birth-place of light and wonder.
Your glow is wide­spread and beyond reach.

They will call you a rarity.
They will ask what makes you tick, as though you are the sum of mechan­ical parts and clock­wise move­ment
They will long to trace their fin­gers across your body, like mark­ings on a road map.

They will admire your pecu­liar­i­ties with pal­pable affec­tion
Placing you on a pedestal without your con­sent
And you will reign as their god­dess, until you ask for room to reach out­ward and stretch your fin­gers.

Then they’ll dispel you from sight while crying out aban­don­ment,
Bite the hand that fed them and shame you for bleeding.
Once star­dust, now pol­lu­tion in their eyes.

Do not mis­take their arro­gance for accu­racy,
Or con­fuse their opinion with the truth.
Don’t you dare dull your torch to make their can­dles appear bright.

You are not a riddle or an algo­rithm or an answer,
Not a source to be used or a problem to be fixed.
Your exis­tence does not require their approval.

You are an anomaly
A rare occur­rence in a world of the ordi­nary,
A mas­ter­piece in your own right.

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