There is some­thing within the chronic ill­ness com­mu­nity known as the “Spoon Theory.”  In this analogy, the spoons stand for the amount of energy a person living with a chronic ill­ness (such as Fibromyalgia or Lupus) pos­sesses in a day.

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In pre­vailing lit­er­a­ture, people on the autism spec­trum have all of their traits, their behav­iors, and even their very exis­tence pathol­o­gized.  They are con­sid­ered to have “mind blind­ness,” or the oppo­site of empathy, which means that they are unable to

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Like the title says, I love Plants. What I mean is, what’s not to love?  They’re beau­tiful, they man­u­fac­ture oxygen and clean pol­lu­tion from the air, and they live off of waste prod­ucts ranging from their own decom­po­si­tion, animal waste, and even

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