The Jar Principle: On Over-Stimulation & Social Exhaustion

There is something within the chronic illness community known as the “Spoon Theory.”  In this analogy, the spoons stand for the amount of energy a person living with a chronic illness (such as Fibromyalgia or Lupus) possesses in a day.

The Time Trials of Jonathon Hood

A brief overview: My play is set in a world where some Aspies are born with the ability to move time, to bend it to their will. The past and future are no barriers for them.

Allism Spectrum Disorders: A Parody

In prevailing literature, people on the autism spectrum have all of their traits, their behaviors, and even their very existence pathologized.  They are considered to have “mind blindness,” or the opposite of empathy, which means that they are unable to predict the feelings or thoughts of others. 

On Autistic Special Interests and My Love for Plants

Like the title says, I love Plants. What I mean is, what’s not to love?  They’re beautiful, they manufacture oxygen and clean pollution from the air, and they live off of waste products ranging from their own decomposition, animal waste, and even bug protein.

On sense and sensitivity: sensory phenomena in autism

The ways in which the autistic brain manages and responds to sensory input are remarkable. Some liken their experience to living and feeling like their senses are turned up to maximum – amplified beyond the boundaries of comfort, and others experience pain when exposed to certain types of sensory input.

The Evil Twin

I want to start this by saying that I love being a twin. Unless you are a twin yourself, then it is almost impossible for me to describe the depth of our connection, the completeness that she brings me. I think I probably owe a lot of my successful navigation of social situations to her […]

A Girl on the Spectrum – The Outside of the Outside

The best support mental health professionals and educators can offer autistics (and yes, most of us prefer this term as autism affects so much of our identity) is to admit they don’t know everything about autism and how it affects autistics.

A Man Unmasked

For people on the spectrum, how well someone fares in the general public or on the job often depends on someone’s ability to hide his or her autistic traits and mannerisms.  This survival mechanism is known most commonly as masking, though some call it passing, armoring, or camouflaging.

What Autism Means to Me

For as long as I can remember, I have been considered odd. Not the sort of odd that makes me unlikable, but the type of odd that makes it difficult for me to be understood by or understand others. My values and needs tend to vary greatly from those around me, which has made me a […]